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Monthly Meetings

December 2016 Meeting Topics

Specific topics include: Ø    Mind mapping – Learn how to mind map and keep track of goals, objectives and progress. It is integral for internal planning. How to harness liberal mind wandering. Ø    The importance of documenting –  How Blogging can be our greatest tool in documenting campaign promise execution. Ø    The art of nonviolent …

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February 2017 Meeting Topics

Why is There No Media Coverage for the 22 Veterans Committing Suicide Every Day? Do not miss this eye-opening presentation by Dr. Bart Billings at the Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club Saturday18 February 2017 at 3 PM in the Community Room of Provident Bank, 27010 Sun City Blvd. Menifee, CA. Book signing onsite (you can purchase …

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Monthly Meeting Agenda

ELEANOR ROOSEVELT DEMOCRATIC CLUB Regular Meeting Saturday, February 18, 2016   I.               Call to Order :  (President Chuck Reutter) II.             Flag Salute III.            Roll Call of Officers A.    President Chuck Reutter – B.    Vice-President Vacant – C.    Secretary Susan Adams – D.    Treasurer Radene Hiers – IV.           Introductions V.             Approval of Minutes: (Secretary Adams) VI.           …

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